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Monday, September 6, 2010

Where Is Christopher Ledezma

In 2007 Chris was the shipping manager for mortgages with either Bravo Credit or Encore Credit in Irvine, California. If anyone knows where he is, can you have him to email

I have some questions he may be able to answer.

Lit Gant
Hillsborough County, Florida


  1. Interesting...I have him as a shipping Supervisor in 2011 via endorsement on a note. Wanna compare signatures/notes contact me at

    Doesn't say who he is the is working for leaves you to assume he works for ??? This case involves Bravo Credit, Encore, EMC Mortgage,Bear Stearns, LaSalle Bank, BOA, U.S. Bank.

  2. correction 2012, Also, have other info on him. contact

    Another shipping manager I'm looking for is Tracey Voorhees, Entrust Endorsement 2011, HSBC,Wells,Bear Case

    1. tracy voorhees works for w_j bradly mortgage capital llc in colorado