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Friday, September 24, 2010

Free Foreclosure House

Hello America. Greetings from central Florida. I have some information for you.

Many of you have lost your homes already. You are trying to move on with life. You have taken your loses and tried to start a new life. The move out of your home after foreclosure was heartbreaking. So many memories. So many times of good things. You are now trying to make it scaled down.  Good for you. You have the American spirit of resiliency.

But I have news and hope for you. What would you say if I told you, you might still get your house back and maybe for free?  Would you be interested?

Here's the scoop.

Many foreclosures were obtained using fraudulent documents, assignments, affidavits, and notary attestations. Maybe you did not know about it. Maybe you forgot the law suit that says they lost the note. Or maybe you thought since you were behind on your payments it was better to just let the bank have it back. So you did nothing. Well even in this case there is still hope.

Here is how it can play out. Go back and get copies of every document filed in your foreclosure. Do not miss a single page. Take them to a lawyer and have him to review them for fraud. If he has a keen eye he will pick it up. If not, just leave his office and find a lawyer who knows his stuff. Best thing is a foreclosure lawyer who represented defendants in foreclosure and has a good reputation and track record. He will be able to inform you of your legal rights and if be believes he needs to file a case against all the parties involved in the fraud on the court.  A court can set aside a foreclosure, even a sale, if fraud on the court can be proven. There is no statute of limitations on fraud on the court.

What happens if someone else bought your house?  Good question.

Many of the robo foreclosure lawyers who take a home away from a family are also owners of a title company business. It's right there down the hall. They take the home away from families. They sell it on the court house steps. To make the new owner feel comfortable they got a good deal, the robo foreclosure attorney writes a title policy on the sale of the home. And the new owner and any lender he has are insured to the extent of the amount of the title policy.

So what if a foreclosed owner wins in court and the home is ordered returned to the original owner? The person who bought it has to get out. What can they do?  They have to sue the title company who insured the title. And the title company has to pay up. So the owner who bought the house at foreclosure gets all their money, and maybe even all the back payments. And off they go to buy another home.

In the mad rush to take all these homes in foreclosures, courts have allowed all kinds of fraudulent documents to take the home away from families. And it is this wrong, this criminal behavior a owner needs to go back and make the courts fix.

If you need real legal advice, go see a good foreclosure attorney.  They can win for you and maybe, just maybe you will get a free house. Is it worth the try?  Yes!  You have nothing to lose and a house to gain.

Now, wipe the tears from your eyes, go to the court house and get a copy of all your file. Yes, to try and stop you from doing this, most court houses will charge a dollar a page. Just go pay it and get the copies. Make sure you get copies front and back of all documents that have a back and something on it.

Try, please try,

Lit Gant

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