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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Court Scams In Florida

The court scams in Florida have reached virus proportions.  The entire justice system is infected. From the circuit court to the appeals courts, the scams are shocking.  Judges are refusing to all evidence into the proceedings. They refuse to rule according to law. They are inventing all manner of tricks and methods to deny defendants their constitutional rights. They are inventing new interpretations of law and contracts. All of this is for one purpose: to throw people out of their homes and return these properties to racketeering banks and plaintiffs. The fraudulent documents being created is shocking. But judges are showing their black robe is nothing more than a dirty KKK robe. While the KKK openly hates blacks and Jews, these men in black robes openly hate defendants and the lawyers representing defendants. You often hear a racist say: "why I have friends who are black and Jewish."  And these judges will come out and say: "well I have friends who have been foreclosed and lawyer buddies too."

The court scams in Florida is the result of judges who are perverted in the first place. If we was to put a tail on these people we might catch them smoking crack or snorting coke. These are the same people who play with whores and prostitutes right in the court house. Would we really think these men who attend church from time to time would dare think they were living examples of hypocrites?

I am sure that in time, the foreclosure courts will eventually return back to a normal docket. But when they do, the rule of law will be long destroyed in these courts of shame. And when these judges die, how will they ever right the thousands they sinned against?  The foreclosed owners may lose in these sham courts but rest assured these judges will not be winners in the highest court of all.

Florida courts are a sham, because most Florida judges are a sham.

If there is a judge who is not a shyster, then let him stand up and take his peers to task. Silence may be golden but it is also YELLOW!

I think it is time for judges to break the code of silence and show us there are some real men under those black robes who are not yellow.

Yes, I am a little angry, can't you tell?

Lit Gant


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  2. Bravo! Wait until you see that Bankruptcy Trustees and Bankruptcy Debtors' Lawyers are complicitly doing to buy properties for a song under a trust and flip them for their own gain.

  3. Yes, it is happening in the Bankruptcy Court in Tampa and what is more, they are blatantly open about it! They do not care who knows it because the judges are probably in on the scam and being paid off. So, first the banks with their robosigners convincing people without means for a large mortgage, they bleed them into bankruptcy and then the corrupt Lawyers, trustees and Judges take over and the IRS does NOTHING! What do they have to do now, kill people like Al Capone did (as if they have not caused suicides or cancer or other illnesses) before the IRS and other authorities investigate all of them in this bunch of scumbags?

  4. Yes folks just few people are running the show and are the ones with the power, whether is political or legislative they are untuchable even if they do a gross tort to anyone as long are wearing that robe a judge is immune " The King can do no wrong" Any judge will protect that privilege to him\her granted and the best way to do so is to protect their own class no matter what.. Welcome to legalized R.I.C.O