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Monday, March 19, 2012

Elizabeth Redchuk Wellborn, PA Dumps 14 Employees

Elizabeth Redchuk could not stand it. 14 employees wore orange last Friday to work. The place looked like a Hillsborough County prison camp. But these were not criminals. They were loyal agents of a foreclosure mill, apparently a crooked and nasty one at that.

The scoop from the streets: seems some of these people had been going to a happy hour beer fest after work on Fridays. So they decided to wear orange as a way to identify who would be going to the chug-a-lug. More and more employees wore kokopelli orange and more and more guzzled the memories of their long week of robo fraud away.

Well, last Friday there were 14 of them who dressed in carrot orange. Liza Redchuck could not bear the orange color as employees darted in and out of the rooms and offices. The place looked like a walking Virgina pumpkin patch. And she would have none of it. This was a respectable place for her robo-staff to work and she absolutely refused to have them advertising their drinking plans or skills on the job. Well, according to the 14, none of them consumed any alcohol during work hours. And besides, if they wanted to look like an orange persimmon, why would Redchuck fancy bottoms care?

Well, the 14 were canned. I mean they were fired. I mean they did not get a warning or anything. Just a summary judgment and their jobs foreclosed on. They were evicted from their work positions. They were not even allowed to kiss her goodby. I mean the same Lisa Redchuck who once ordered froglegs on their pizza, because they had been jumping through hoops for her, was now sending them to the unemployment office without even a bus pass.

Well, now, will these 14 get mad for being treated like they had defied an officer of the court? Will these 14 get together and spill the beans on this foreclosure mill? Will they have the courage to tell us just what illegal things Mrs Redchuck ordered or had them to do?

They could come clean and clear their conscience. They could check in over at and post about the things the Redchuk chuk-ed when she chucked wood.

Obvioulsy the Wellborn foreclosure mill needs to be shut down. She needs to have her law license revoked. She needs to get out of her house and live under a bridge and learn just what she has done to a lot of families. She and her husband need to go take jobs cleaning hotel rooms.

And for the 14, well, was it worth it to wear those kumquat colored clothes? Here you were, wearing the official orange color of Florida and your lawyer boss did not think it was funny. Well, I think it was funny. And I do not think it should have been the cause for loss of jobs.

Mrs Redchuk, you are a jerkette.