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Monday, March 19, 2012

Elizabeth Redchuk Wellborn, PA Dumps 14 Employees

Elizabeth Redchuk could not stand it. 14 employees wore orange last Friday to work. The place looked like a Hillsborough County prison camp. But these were not criminals. They were loyal agents of a foreclosure mill, apparently a crooked and nasty one at that.

The scoop from the streets: seems some of these people had been going to a happy hour beer fest after work on Fridays. So they decided to wear orange as a way to identify who would be going to the chug-a-lug. More and more employees wore kokopelli orange and more and more guzzled the memories of their long week of robo fraud away.

Well, last Friday there were 14 of them who dressed in carrot orange. Liza Redchuck could not bear the orange color as employees darted in and out of the rooms and offices. The place looked like a walking Virgina pumpkin patch. And she would have none of it. This was a respectable place for her robo-staff to work and she absolutely refused to have them advertising their drinking plans or skills on the job. Well, according to the 14, none of them consumed any alcohol during work hours. And besides, if they wanted to look like an orange persimmon, why would Redchuck fancy bottoms care?

Well, the 14 were canned. I mean they were fired. I mean they did not get a warning or anything. Just a summary judgment and their jobs foreclosed on. They were evicted from their work positions. They were not even allowed to kiss her goodby. I mean the same Lisa Redchuck who once ordered froglegs on their pizza, because they had been jumping through hoops for her, was now sending them to the unemployment office without even a bus pass.

Well, now, will these 14 get mad for being treated like they had defied an officer of the court? Will these 14 get together and spill the beans on this foreclosure mill? Will they have the courage to tell us just what illegal things Mrs Redchuck ordered or had them to do?

They could come clean and clear their conscience. They could check in over at and post about the things the Redchuk chuk-ed when she chucked wood.

Obvioulsy the Wellborn foreclosure mill needs to be shut down. She needs to have her law license revoked. She needs to get out of her house and live under a bridge and learn just what she has done to a lot of families. She and her husband need to go take jobs cleaning hotel rooms.

And for the 14, well, was it worth it to wear those kumquat colored clothes? Here you were, wearing the official orange color of Florida and your lawyer boss did not think it was funny. Well, I think it was funny. And I do not think it should have been the cause for loss of jobs.

Mrs Redchuk, you are a jerkette.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bear Stearns Lasalle Trust 2007-HE4 PSA

Here is the location of the EMC mortgage, Bear Stearns, Lasalle Bank National PSA of the 2007-HE4 Trust.  You may have to join SEC to obtain access.

Your mortgage will not be listed by your name. It will be listed by Zip Code, City, and State.  You can also check the interest rate on your note. The best way to find it quickly is do a "find and replace" and put in your zip code and keep clicking next until it shows up. Some of the information may not be accurate.

The closing date on this trust was April 30, 2007.

If you check Article IX and Section 9.12 you will see that none of the parties to this PSA which includes EMC Mortgage, Bear Stearns, and Lasalle Bank can make contributions (deposits into the Trust) after the closing date without a letter from Counsel permitting this to avoid tax consequences.

This means all the assignments of MERS or anyone else to the Plaintiff Lasalle Bank National are a fraud used to induce judges to grant standing and capacity to foreclose. Even if the plaintiff comes up with the note endorsed in blank, there is no proof it was ever in the Trust. This means the plaintiff has no standing as a Trustee for the Trust to bring the instant action. If the Trust cannot provide a chain of assignments as required by the Trust documents the assignments are not perfected. This also means the only party who can foreclose is the Lender named on the Note. This also means, if this Lender has already been paid they have no standing because the note is endorsed without recourse.

It is important for everyone who has a foreclose in regards to the 2007 HE4 Trust to obtain and use the testimony of Thomas J. Adams and Professor Ira Mark Bloom on this trust. You can Google their names and Case NO: CV-2009-901113 which is an Alabama case.

You should attempt to obtain like affidavits from these gentlemen if you are fighting foreclosure. This does not mean a judge will rule in your favor. Because there are so many of them still trying to punish home owners for not making their mortgage payments. But if you present this evidence you have a great chance to win on appeal.

Be advised, there appears to be a lot of fraud concerning this Trust. This is why Lasalle uses the services of DOCS and LPS to fabricate affidavits, assignments, and other documents with fake Vice Presidents of all kinds of banks and lenders. Even for lenders who are no longer in business and who could never have given permission for these robo-signers to make these documents.  Investors who have certificates in this Trust are at great risk of massive losses if they do not make sure the notes and mortgages in this Trust were correctly contributed into it according to the provisions of the Pooling and Service Agreement (PSA).

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LaSalle Bank National Association Trustee Bear Stearns 2007-HE4

Bear Stearns Trust 2007-HE4 Series 1 may be in big trouble.

A review of the Pooling Service Agreement (PSA) indicates the master servicer is EMC Mortgage. It indicates the requirements for the mortgage loans to be in the pool. Here is where it is dirty.

Investors in the 2007-HE4 Certificates acted on the prospectus provided by Bear Stearns and EMC Mortgage. They bought into these securities knowing they were all sub-prime mortgages. There was supposed to be criteria for each mortgage to pass before it was to be included in the pool. But this is where the fraud begins.

Many of the mortgages in the Trust were not registered on MERS as required. Many of the lenders were not even members of MERS. There was in fact no agency representation between the lender and MERS. As such naming MERS as nominee was never intended or became an agreement between the lenders and MERS.  Subsequently, MERS had no right to make assignments in the name of the lender as nominee.

But more importantly, many of the promissory notes backing the mortgages in the Bear Stearns 2007-HE4 Series 1 trust, were not endorsed properly in blank. Some were not endorsed by the original lender at all. Somewhere along the securitization process when this was discovered, employees of the intermediate holders put the notes in copy machines and copied fake endorsements on the backside. The signatures of the alleged endorsers are not wet ink. These endorsement stamps were copied from other notes and then copied on the back of notes missing endorsements.  In some cases companies such as DOCX and LPS fabricated fraudulent endorsement signatures for many now defunct lenders. These were placed on the back of notes at the request of lawyers for plaintiffs in foreclosures. As such the pleadings in foreclosure included the "lost note" count and asking for reinstatement.  What was the purpose of this "lost note" pleading? It was to keep from presenting the original note into the court file and denying the defendant's a right to do forensics on the endorsement and signature. They did not want this to take place because they knew the endorsement was a fraud.  And to think, the investors in these pooled mortgages and notes were led to believe each of these securitized instruments were valid.

Well, now, we are learning that millions of mortgages and notes in these securitized trusts are in the pool against the very rules of the PSA.  Thousands of these are in the Bear Stearns 2007-HE4 Series 1 trust. Investors need to make a mad dash to a lawyer. They were bamboozled, swindled, and the banks and mortgage companies involved are in fact some of the biggest ponzi schemes in history. We think Bernie Madoff was a ponzi master magician, well take a look at these Banks and their CEO's who are behind massive ponzi schemes a thousand times greater than ole Bernie boy.  But, so far Obama has bailed them out. He is sending his hacks to investigate these banks but in the final public statement we will hear they found no wrong-doing only a few employees acting rouge.

Bear Stearns 2007-HE4 Series 1 trust is a complete fraud. It is time for investors to demand to have a review of every mortgage and note in the pool. If they do not, they can expect their certificates to have the value of used toilet paper.

I send this warning to all you investors, if you do not cover your investment with an investigation, you deserve to lose every dime you gave for these fraudulent certificates. They will be like Confederate money in a short while. Be warned.

For those of you facing foreclosure and your mortgage and note were supposed to be in the Trust, challenge this claim.  Demand to see the original note and mortgage. Make sure all signatures are wet ink. Do not allow these shysters slip in a photo shopped copy of your color signature or the endorsement on the back of the note. Check each and every assignment on the back of the note for being copied. Challenge the note and deny you signed it. Make them bring the original into the court file. You can file a motion to compel production of the note and mortgage. In the event the lawsuit against you has a lost note count, you may be entitled to a jury trial of this count. Check your state laws. If you are entitled to a jury trial where lost note is pled, make sure you include a demand for a jury trial on the count naming the lost note claim.

Bear Stearns 2007-HE4 Series 1 trust is a complete fraud.  Google 2007-HE4 and select the SEC link. Register as a user. Then scroll down to find prospectus. Click. Then begin reading the information. Pay attention to the Pooling Service Agreement. Pay also attention to the closing date of the Trust. After the closing of the Trust nothing can be assigned into it. So any assignments by MERS or someone else to a Trustee for one of the securitized trusts are invalid.

We will win. Draw out all money from all banks and use cash and or money orders. Make them pay for this fraud. Vote out all judges and Republicans and Democrats who refuse to call for the fraud to be investigated.

Monday, October 4, 2010

CNN Refuses To Air Lisa Epstein Interview

Today, October 4, 2010, CNN contacted founder Lisa Epstein for an interview. Lisa went to the CNN studios and there was a 30 minute interview. However, when 5pm came and the time to air the segment on foreclosures, CNN ducked and ran. They instead ran a story of a truck crash were pigs were scattered all over the highway.  What happened to the CNN interview of Lisa?  Well, CNN called Lisa and told her the story was to complex for their viewers and to confusing. They decided not to put her comments before America.

CNN, is your public really that stupid?
CNN, is your audience all that dim-witted?
CNN, since when did you measure the intelligence level of main street to see if a news item would be understood?

What we have here is a media giant who does not have the courage to allow the truth to be published via its cameras.

Oh well, CNN's loss. Lisa Epstein is a jewel and a treasure to those facing foreclosure. She is more important than CNN and all its fake backdrops anyway.

Lit Gant

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Class Action v MERS

MERS will attempt to avoid this Class Action with a motion to dismiss. But I think this Class Action suit stands a chance to bring MERS to its death.  Read the case here:

The attorney McKeever is a very smart woman. She is perhaps the smartest Defense lawyer in the USA on the MERS fraud system.

Pray? Yes, pray that MERS dies.  That the assets of MERS becomes the property of  the millions of home owners this company defrauded out of their homes.

Read this important Order:

Lit Gant