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Friday, April 8, 2011

Bear Stearns Lasalle Trust 2007-HE4 PSA

Here is the location of the EMC mortgage, Bear Stearns, Lasalle Bank National PSA of the 2007-HE4 Trust.  You may have to join SEC to obtain access.

Your mortgage will not be listed by your name. It will be listed by Zip Code, City, and State.  You can also check the interest rate on your note. The best way to find it quickly is do a "find and replace" and put in your zip code and keep clicking next until it shows up. Some of the information may not be accurate.

The closing date on this trust was April 30, 2007.

If you check Article IX and Section 9.12 you will see that none of the parties to this PSA which includes EMC Mortgage, Bear Stearns, and Lasalle Bank can make contributions (deposits into the Trust) after the closing date without a letter from Counsel permitting this to avoid tax consequences.

This means all the assignments of MERS or anyone else to the Plaintiff Lasalle Bank National are a fraud used to induce judges to grant standing and capacity to foreclose. Even if the plaintiff comes up with the note endorsed in blank, there is no proof it was ever in the Trust. This means the plaintiff has no standing as a Trustee for the Trust to bring the instant action. If the Trust cannot provide a chain of assignments as required by the Trust documents the assignments are not perfected. This also means the only party who can foreclose is the Lender named on the Note. This also means, if this Lender has already been paid they have no standing because the note is endorsed without recourse.

It is important for everyone who has a foreclose in regards to the 2007 HE4 Trust to obtain and use the testimony of Thomas J. Adams and Professor Ira Mark Bloom on this trust. You can Google their names and Case NO: CV-2009-901113 which is an Alabama case.

You should attempt to obtain like affidavits from these gentlemen if you are fighting foreclosure. This does not mean a judge will rule in your favor. Because there are so many of them still trying to punish home owners for not making their mortgage payments. But if you present this evidence you have a great chance to win on appeal.

Be advised, there appears to be a lot of fraud concerning this Trust. This is why Lasalle uses the services of DOCS and LPS to fabricate affidavits, assignments, and other documents with fake Vice Presidents of all kinds of banks and lenders. Even for lenders who are no longer in business and who could never have given permission for these robo-signers to make these documents.  Investors who have certificates in this Trust are at great risk of massive losses if they do not make sure the notes and mortgages in this Trust were correctly contributed into it according to the provisions of the Pooling and Service Agreement (PSA).