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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Class Action v MERS

MERS will attempt to avoid this Class Action with a motion to dismiss. But I think this Class Action suit stands a chance to bring MERS to its death.  Read the case here:

The attorney McKeever is a very smart woman. She is perhaps the smartest Defense lawyer in the USA on the MERS fraud system.

Pray? Yes, pray that MERS dies.  That the assets of MERS becomes the property of  the millions of home owners this company defrauded out of their homes.

Read this important Order:

Lit Gant


  1. Thanks for this information! We have been fighting MERS, Bank of America and other BIG banks for over three years.

    We are now the subject interest of many class action suits to represent the class. This is helpful and I hope justice for the people is served.

    Keep up the good work by keeping the people informed!

    God Bless America

  2. May MERS died by legal injection. May the witnesses and criminals who used this fraudulent business dab their tears as Babylon, that Great Confusion called MERS falls and is no more.

    May the America people rejoice on the day of her death. And may they recover their homes from the thieves.