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Monday, October 4, 2010

CNN Refuses To Air Lisa Epstein Interview

Today, October 4, 2010, CNN contacted founder Lisa Epstein for an interview. Lisa went to the CNN studios and there was a 30 minute interview. However, when 5pm came and the time to air the segment on foreclosures, CNN ducked and ran. They instead ran a story of a truck crash were pigs were scattered all over the highway.  What happened to the CNN interview of Lisa?  Well, CNN called Lisa and told her the story was to complex for their viewers and to confusing. They decided not to put her comments before America.

CNN, is your public really that stupid?
CNN, is your audience all that dim-witted?
CNN, since when did you measure the intelligence level of main street to see if a news item would be understood?

What we have here is a media giant who does not have the courage to allow the truth to be published via its cameras.

Oh well, CNN's loss. Lisa Epstein is a jewel and a treasure to those facing foreclosure. She is more important than CNN and all its fake backdrops anyway.

Lit Gant

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  1. Could you update/change your link to Florida Robo-Notary - Christina Carter (on Foreclosure Hamlet)Current Link to document is broken/un-viewable. Thanks...Great work