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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sue Florida Title Companies

Anyone who has purchased a home in Florida from the foreclosure sales and who obtained title insurance may be able to sue the title company.

Yes, keep all your title policy information in a safe place. If the chain of the title is dirty because the foreclosure process is later proved to have been affected by fraud on the court, the original owner may be entitled to come back and get his house. This means you will have to get out. And it also means all you did to the house will be inherited by the former owner.

For the next 100 years the dirty titles in Flordia will be subject to law suits. If you are one of those who will lose your home that you purchased in a foreclosure sale or were another person in the chain of title, you can only sue the title company and get your money back.

Do not be afraid to sue the title company. They have been warned but they want to make premium money on the policies. They do not care. So keep your title policy people. It will be your only hope if a former owner comes knocking and tells you to get out.

Lit Gant

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