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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Judicial Fraud In Pinellas County Court

Judge Pamela Campbell
 Was Pamela Campbell just paying back a former intern at an August 19, 2010 hearing on a motion for summary judgment, or was this a favor for past favors?  Here is the scoop from the floor of the court room.

Paul C. Hoffman a defendant in foreclosure in Pinellas County had represented himself Pro Se. He was trying to work out a mortgage modification when to his surprise he learned a hearing was scheduled for a summary judgment.  He knew he was out of time and the rocket docket in Pinellas County would soon litigate him (beat him up), and cast him out to the glee of corrupt lenders and Wall Street fat cats. So, he hired Mark Stopa a well respected foreclose attorney to represent him at the hearing.

On the morning of the hearing at about 8:15am, associate attorney Philip Healy went to the court house to review the case file to be prepared for the hearing to take place at 9:30am.  In the court file he found already sealed and conformed copies of the final judgment of foreclosure.  Now mind you this is at 8:15 and already in the court file and the staff at Judge Pamela Campbell's court are not on duty until 8am.  So, you can see the summary judgment had to be already signed either the day before or several days before. The only way to know is to put the staff and the judge under oath. But who dare think of it short of judicial punishment by her replacement to avenge or requite her?

This is a case where a Pro Se defendant had his legal rights raped and violated. Now you would think the supreme chief pontiff, Judge Thomas McGrady, would come out of his den in his black robe and send Mrs Campbell home with pay pending an investigation. But no, he would not, because he already had an ax to grind with Mark Stopa because he was filing motions to slow down or stop foreclosure lawsuits. Mr. pontiff does not want defendants to have just justice in his kingdom. He wants these foreclosures to rocket through the docket and out to the court house steps as quick as possible. It is possible he believes in doing this he is exciting the recovery of the economy by putting houses back on the market. And in addition, it appears he really hates Pro Se defendants like they do over in Hillsborough County. The ex-parte beer parties where they share kingdom stories about defendant motions stinks.

Mr. Hoffman has asked for Pamela Campbell to be disqualified from his case. She needs her license to practice law revoked. But short of first degree murder of a defendant that will never happen by the Florida Bar.  We would think the Governor would strip her of her appointed position and send her robe to the Goodwill box to be used for cleanup of the next oil spill. Or the Florida Bar would begin hearings to determine the sanctions she should receive. Sanctions? When is the last time a judge got his/her hands slapped in Florida?

Every Pro Se case that went before this judge in the past year should be thrown out. Any and all Pro Se defendants, even if there has been a court sale, should contact Mr. Stopa or Matt Weidner and have all this set aside. You can win even against the corrupt judges in Pinellas County Florida.

Judicial fraud will continue in Pinellas County Florida because the supreme pontiff himself needs to go and until then those controlling justice will be no more than street thugs with black robes and a hammer.  Every elected judge in this county needs fired at the election box. Send them back to chase ambulances and or whine to those hurt in nursing homes to call them.

Go Mr. Hoffman..

Go Mark Stopa....

Go Philip Healy....

Defenders of justice for the little people, go out and fight!


  1. Judge McGrady is not worth chasing ambulances he should be thrown into a prison cell for injustice.

    How can outright BUMS like McGrady have been elected
    in the first place?

    No wonder the economy is on the brink of failure and
    Florida is in such dire straits.

    He is so far from fair he gives the word shifty a bad name.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You can spill the beans. Just remember to use language that does not implicate you for any accusation of libel. This woman is a disgrace to the judiciary.She is not fair and balanced. She does not care who she hurts. So, spill the beans.


    2. i will but i will take your advice and lose my identity , lol

  3. Pamela cambell is wrong person too judging people

  4. She allowed forged and illegal documents to be filed in her Court against pro se defending the robbery of her home by 5 banks, non of which had any legal documents.. she allowed the unscrupulous attorney for some unknown bank to create these papers out of thin air. Jeb Bush appointed her to the Court so there you have it!! No justice in any of the COurts with these fraudulent foreclosures!!