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Sunday, September 19, 2010

African-American Foreclosure Policy Florida

Proposed Rule Of Law Based Upon Practices In Florida Rocket Docket Foreclosures related to Black litigants.

Rule 1.2 African-American Foreclosure policy
(a) No black shall present to the court any evidence of fraud in respect to perjured signatures or notary attestations on any document presented by the plaintiff.
(b) No black shall be allowed to rescind any mortgage under TILA if the said black admitted in his/her answer they owed the debt, even if said black claims they were induced by acts of bait and switch at 8:30pm in their home.
(c) No black shall be permitted to speak in court if they are pro se unless they file a notice of appearance and agree not to bring a court reporter to hearings.
(d) No black shall file a motion and ask for a hearing from the judicial assistant, he/she must come in the back door of the courthouse, stick their hand through a hole in the wall, and present a signed, notarized, written request to the senior judge asking permission to ride the back of the bus and thus qualify to have a hearing date set.
(e) No black shall appeal any final orders by any white judge unless said black hires a white attorney who is trying to make a buck, and all such appeals must first be approved by the KKK chief judge of the instant circuit.
(f) No black shall claim in any court that MERS has no authority to assign their promissory note. All blacks are to understand that MERS is a private company created by government instituted agencies and can put all African-Americans in chains if they so make assignment signed by Scott Anderson.
(g) No black shall challenge anything MERS does in regard to their mortgage or note. Blacks agree to give up the right to challenge MERS for the great honor to live in the USA and in the great state of Florida.
(h) No black shall stay in their home while they fight for fairness in Florida courts. If they desire fairness in Florida courts they must move out and live on the streets to prove they are legitimate and worthy litigants. All judges shall then consider these blacks not to have taken advantage of the house in which they live, which belongs to the First Bank of Fraud (FBF), even though FBF has not had an order of repossession. Any black who lives in said house for free must come into court wearing a white patch signifying “illegal squatter.”
(i) Any black that expects any judge in Florida in the rocket docket court system to follow the rule of law shall have a statute of liberty wearing a white sheet burned in the front yard, tarred and feathered, and told to go back to Africa: that in America no black can expect law to govern the courts and big banks.
(j) Any black who dares to petition the Florida Supreme Court to make any judge follow the rule of law, shall be worthy of eviction, cancellation of food stamps and medicaid, barred from Salvation Army shelters, and his/her children cast out to the streets. Any black that disagrees with this section shall have all other rights as a US citizen revoked.
(k) All black property owners who comply with this section shall be granted life, liberty, and justice all the days of their lives in this great state of Florida and all white judges shall then sing: “Way Down Upon The Suwannee River” as the Florida National Guard gives a 21 gun salute..
(l) This section shall be law because there is no law that says these precepts are unjust and unfair.

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