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Friday, September 24, 2010

Judge Jon Gordon & MERS (2005 case)

Judge Jon Gordon is a keen-eyed lawyer who knows his stuff. He is a brilliant examiner of testimnony. He is not easily led by deceptive shyster lawyers trying to manipulate facts and truth. Such was the case when in 2005 several Miami foreclosure robo attoneys sat before him in the case of MERS v. Enzo Cabrera, et al (05-02425 CA-05, 11th Judicial Circuit).

Here are the names of the attorneys that sat in court to hear this brilliant Judge examine the lead attorney for MERS:

Boby Brochin (MERS); Sharon Horstkamp (MERS), Bill Heller (MERS & Countrywide); Donna Glick (MERS & US Bank National); Marisol Morales (MERS); Barry Marcus with Morales; Elizabeth Wellborn (MERS & Plaintiff); Carlos Enriquez (Defendant); Enzo Cabera (Pro Se).

The interrogation of Judge Gordon of Mr. Brochin was a clasic. He was brilliant.  Mr. Brochin used all the slimy tricks of grammar he could pull. This is shysterism magnificant at its best. Few judges have the mental capacity to see through these sham pleadings. How in God's name do they expect a defendant standing Pro-Se to even begin to oppose these liars?

I can say to all you Pro-Se litigants: get smart. Get your pleadings right. Get your affirmative defenses right. If you do not, you will go into Court and be smashed by the robo lawyers, the robo judges, and you will be trashed into the robo dumpster.

Here are the transcripts of the hearing:

Here is the Court Order on the hearing:

There are over 70,000 cases in Florida that have been foreclosed with fraud upon the court. All of these can be re-opened and a good attorney can have most of these overturned. People living in these homes would collect from their title companys who insured these fraudulent titles.

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  1. Well Elizabeth R. Wellborn is at it again. The firing continues a year later, and people jumping ship is out of control. She continues to mistreat employees along with the so called, "Litigation Manager", he's a low life abusing his position.