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Friday, September 24, 2010

Hillsborough County Court House

Hillsborough County Court House is located at 111 Robo Court Street just east of the Tampa City Hall.

When you arrive here remember it is a secured building and you must pass through security. Men will have to remove their belts. Empty all things into one of the plastic containers. Proceed to the security check through.  Do not make any jokes about the security or you may find yourself flat on your back being tazered and cuffed. Just go into the robo judicial HQ like a robo ot.

Foreclosure cases are now being heard on the fourth floor. Be a little early. The bailiffs will direct you.

If you are Pro Se, make sure you have filed a notice of appearance with the Clerk's office a couple weeks before your court date. It takes now a month for documents to appear in the court file.

If you are Pro Se make sure when the Judge asks who is here for the hearing, give your name and that you are Pro Se. This is the actual appearance. You will notice the lawyer will state his/her name and this is supposed to allow you to speak.

What ever happens do not show anger at the Judge. You may lose a battle but that does not mean you will lose the war.

Remember, these foreclosure courts are robo courts of lies. There is not a single judge in the Hillsborough Court system who is honest about these foreclosure frauds being brought into the Court. If you expect the court to be unbiased, you are a fool. If you expect the judge to be fair you are a fool. If you expect the rule of law to prevail, you are a fool. The Hillsborough County Court House is the house of LIES!

Fraudulent pleadings are permitted.
Fraudulent assignments are permitted.
Fraudulent affidavits are permitted.
Perjured documents and signatures are permitted.
Lies are told to the judge by plaintiff lawyers and judges who drink beer with them and snort coke are not going to rule against them.

Also, if the plaintiff files ANY motion, make sure you file a counter motion against it. If you think you can go into court against a motion and you did not file a motion against the motion, YOU ARE A FOOL.  A motion that has no pleading motion against it is almost a robo rubber-stamped done deal.  You may talk a little but in the end when the hammer comes down you will be ruled against in this robo court house.

Remember, you are in a court of lies when you pass through security and head toward the elevators to the fourth floor. Keep repeating it: COURT OF LIES, COURT OF LIES. For you white people, better bring a court reporter. You will fare no better than the blacks in here without a court reporter taking it all down. Plus, you will need the transcript in cases of an appeal.

If you are an African-American, you must not show up here without a court reporter to document what is said by the judge, the plaintiff lawyer, and yourself. If you show up without a court reporter, it will be like attending a KKK rally. I warn you to hire a court reporter. For one hour that is about $80.00 (you can put it on a credit card, and you must pay in advance. This is done by private court reporters. The court does not offer this service. Check the yellow pages or internet for court reporter). Call around for the best price. Then they will want another fee between $1-$5 per page for the transcript. If you have the money and can afford to video tape the hearing it makes it all the more chance you will be treated right for fear they will show up on YouTube.

I do not care if the judge is Perry Little, color means nothing in this Court House and you need to protect yourself. He cares no more about Black-Justice in foreclosures than he does about Black Justice PERIOD! If he showed Black Justice he just might have to show White justice and he would die first of a heart attack with hardened arteries then to show whites fairness in these foreclosure cases.

If the judge farts in this gas chamber, do not show any alarm. It is his gas chamber and he has a right in his own gas chamber to fart. You can always tell when he farts because the girls will always walk to the other side of the room from him pretending to do things with files. And believe me, his farts smell really, really bad!  Right after he farts he usually grants a few good motions feeling better because of his constipation of the heart.

If you can afford a little video spy camera in an ink pen it would be good. Make sure you turn to get the judge's face and as many of his staff as possible.

You may have to sit in back of the court room until your case is called. Listen carefully to what the judge and others talk about. Take down notes. Try to pick up on the attitude of the judge. Pay attention to the arguments of lawyers if they go before you. Take notes. You can remain in the court room if you wish after your hearing is over. It is open to the public. If the bailiff tries to make you leave tell him/her it is a public court and you want to stay.

Parking: you will most likely not find a meter parking place. The parking lots there charge $6 per day. You can park in the City Parking garage for about $2.50 or less. If you are handicap there are usually places on the first floor. Turn left after you take your parking ticket. All others proceed up the ramp to a higher level. You can walk down the stairs or take the elevator down. Remember to take some money with you to pay when exiting.

Food: On the second level of the Robo Court House, take the escalator up, there appears to be a food court. I have never eaten there because being in foreclosure you don't want anyone to spy on you and tell the judge they saw you spending money on food but haven't paid your mortgage payment. But if you don't care who sees you in the Robo center of Lies, just go up there and get something. If you see your Robo Judge do not approach him/her. This is the realm of the Robo gods. You can only approach them in their temple. And then only when you are called. And by all means say to this god, Good morning YOUR HONOR!

After you have your hearing, and if you do not have a lawyer, you might want to get one and stay out of this den of iniquity until this foreclosure corruption has ceased and the retired senior judges go back to their homes to die with cancer and other cursed diseases of the reprobate.

Good blessings to you if you have any legal business regarding foreclosure at the Robo Hillsborough County Court House.

Now when I go there, I have to pretend I know nothing. I have to pretend I am just another dumb and ignorant man who needs to be back in Africa.

Lit Gant

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