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Monday, September 13, 2010

Foreclosure Sanctions

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Here are some sanctions imposed by other judges when MERS assignments were placed into the record and being used as the basis of foreclosure:

1.)  Ordered that since the assignments were not perfected, the original lender is the only valid owner of the mortgage and the note.

2.) Ordered that since the plaintiff knew the Assignment by MERS was fraudulent because of perjured witnesses and the notary seal, that the plaintiff could not bring the mortgage note into the court.

3.) Ordered that the plaintiff's complaint was dismissed with prejudice because they were not a legal holder in due course.

4.) Ordered that the plaintiff's complaint was dismissed and gave 30 days to refile another complaint in the name of the proper parties of interest.

5.) Ordered that the plaintiff did not qualify for reinstatement of the lost mortgage and note because it had not proven its standing.

6.) Ordered that after a securtized trust had been closed, no Assignment by MERS or anyone else into the trust was valid. Therefore, any plaintiff acting as a trustee of the said assigned note was invalid.

7.) Ordered that since the note did not have proper documentary stamps on the note, the note could not be presented in court for foreclosure.

8.) Ordered that if a plaintiff was a bank or other trust, it must be registered in the state to transact business and pay the appropriate fees or it had no standing.

9.) Ordered that if a plaintiff did not have possession of the note on the date the complaint was filed, it did not have standing.

10.) Ordered that if the original note was made payable to some entity it was not a bearer instrument, and the plaintiff must have all the assignments in the chain of ownership including to itself, or it had no standing.

11.) Ordered the plaintiff to produce the original Note or it had no standing.

Judges are generally quite creative in ways to throw out plaintiffs without ruling in favor of a defendant.

Many judges believe the defendants are just trying to get a free house, when the fact is, we don't want to pay anyone except to whom we are legally indebted.

There is so much fraud in the mortgage business, and then add MERS to all of this with their perjured assignments and a system of racketeering demands arrest. But because no judge has ruled the conduct of a plaintiff or MERS as criminal and held their companies accountable, the defendant's have no recourse of justice.

We depend on the courts to right the many millions of wrongs by the mortgage industry and MERS.

Your Honor, please rule justly.


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