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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hillsborough County Court Judges Unfair To Pro Se Litigants

No one can foreclose a mortgage in Florida until the doc stamps are paid on the original note. The original note must have the doc stamps afixed on it. So, the plaintiff foreclosing is forced to produce the note, get the doc stamps on it, and then bring it to court and prove the doc stamps are on the original note. Doc stamps do not work on a copy of the note.

I am sure also, that in a bankruptcy in Florida, if the original note is not produced with the doc stamps on it, no Federal Judge WHO IS HONEST, will allow a plaintiff to lift the stay, or be effective to take the property and sell it.

In Florida, an out of state Bank must pay a fee to do business in Florida. No out of state bank who is not licensed in Florida to do businesss, can bring a foreclosue until it pays the state fee. Research this and make sure it is brought up in the initial pleadings. You cannot bring up stuff like this after the train has run.

Lit Gant

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