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Friday, August 20, 2010

Florida Notice Of Appearance

When served in Florida with a complaint (suit), if you are going to represent yourself Pro Se, you must file a notice of appearance in the court records of your case. Failure to do this will not allow you to speak in court in opposition to motions made by the plaintiff against you. A judge may listen to you, but he will likely look at you with beaming hate and then slam down the hammer and rule against you.  Two things in Hillsborough County court they do not like: 1.) those who do not answer a complaint within the 20 day window of opportunity; and 2.) those who do file but represent themselves Pro Se.

Before you file your answer, or as soon as you can, copy the heading of the law suit against you and then add the following:




         You will please enter our appearance of record Pro Se as Defendants in the above styled cause.

         Dated this _______ Day of _______________, 2010

John Doe Public

Mary Doe Public


Telephone Number

By __________________________

By __________________________


Certificate of Service
The undersigned certifies that a copy of the foregoing was served by U.S. Mail to XXXXXXXX X XXXXXXXX, P.A., Address ____________________________, Date: _____________________

Attorney for Plaintiff
Attroney name
Attorney Address

Name of Defendant

Make three copies of the first page.
Make one copy of the second page.
Sign the second page in blue ink.
Copy the signed page twice.
Staple the original signed page to one of the first pages, this will be filed in the Court records.
Staple the copies of the signed page to the other two first pages. The clerk will stamp these to show you filed the original.
Mail one of the stamped copies to the plaintiff's attorney.
Keep the second copy for your records to show the judge you have a right to speak at all future hearings and trial.

The above is only sugestion. It is not an attempt to practice law. It is not an attempt to give legal advice. It is only a form to be used and modified by thge public. The same form can be arranged to be used in Federal bankruptcy proceedings and with the bankruptcy file a notice of appearance if need be. Ask. Make sure you are not going to be prohibited from speaking in court if you have not filed a notice of appearance. Call the judicial assistant to the judge and ask her or him.

Lit Gant

Lit gant, a person who had to run between two rows of men who beat him with clubs.

In Hillsborough County Court Pro Se get beat by the hammers of the judges and the plaintiff attorney club. 

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