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Friday, August 13, 2010

Banks Produce Fradulent Paper Work In Hillsborough County Courts

Banks and lenders are putting all manner of fradulent assignments and affidavits in their pleadings in Hillsborough County Courts and not a single Judge has torn his black robe off and gotten mad. Instead, every single Judge in the 13th Circuit has allowed these perjured documents to be used knowing they are illegal. Why are they doing this? It is because the Florida Bar has not developed any manner of professional conduct for these Judges in regard to these illegal documents. The Florida Bar will not accept a complaint against a lawyer Judge who permits these fradulent documents. They are above the law. If you are a Pro Se litigant you are in for a shock when you go before any Judge in Hillsborough County. They hate Pro Se defendants. Consider of the thousands and thousands of foreclosure cases in Hillsborough County and not a single Pro Se defendant has been successful to defeat the banks and lenders opposing these perjured documents.  In fact, I do not know of a single case in Hillsborough County where a defendant has won against these false documents.  In Pasco County there was one case where a Judge deserved his black robe. He ruled the perjured assignment used in his Court would be denied. He then sanctioned the plaintiff with not being about to bring the note into the court.  There needs to be an investigation into these Judges and see why they are not angry about the use of these false assignments and affidavits being used as pleadings.

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  1. It actually is very frightening. They are stripping the rights of due process. They make the court system a sham. I thought the law was about following it, not ignoring it. Why bother then going to law school or appointing someone with a legal background as judge as it is clear following the law in every case is a joke. Instead, the rule of thumb seems to be, judging a case on by personal prejudice about the situation. Gee, lots of people can do that, and would probably work for far less pay than the judges in Hillsborough, if that's what you want to call them.